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Meet the NEW Mobilexpense website!

    We are very excited to share some news with you that we have been working on for a long time...

    Last year, 2020, was MobileXpense’s 20th anniversary. For obvious reasons, we couldn’t celebrate and have spent the past 18 months cocooning, quietly working away. Although celebrations weren’t on the agenda, we certainly didn’t stop innovating, improving our product and building new synergies. It’s time for us to reveal what all that hard work has gone into.

    We are proud and happy to share that MobileXpense Group is now Mobilexpense.

    The group comprises the products you know and love: MXP and Declaree. By bringing both products under one brand, we will be free to innovate more and roll out innovations to all our products more easily. It will also allow us to better leverage our knowledge and resources.

    To celebrate this new structure and our 20-year anniversary, we have built a new and improved website. It features our updated branding with a fresh, modern visual identity. And because good things come in threes, we will soon be moving our head office to a brand new space! More on that soon…

    What does this mean for you as a MobileXpense or Declaree customer?

    Nothing much is changing for you, and your expense management solution is now known as Mobilexpense MXP or Mobilexpense Declaree.

    The product and service you have come to know and rely on will keep growing and improving, as will our partnerships, synergies and knowledge. We are incorporating the resources from our different products to enhance them. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy an even better user experience. Because expense management can be a pain, but we never want it to be yours.

    Mobilexpense is a European group of business expense specialists. To strengthen our organic growth since our creation in the year 2000, we acquired MobileXpense Nordics in 2019. This acquisition was soon followed by that of Declaree the same year and Dicom Expense in early 2020.

    We aim to keep growing both our business and our service offering to the advantage of our customers. Which is why we are investing a lot into our product innovation over the next three years.

    We have been quiet over the last 18 months, but it hasn’t been for a lack of activity. We have been doing a lot behind the scenes, getting through the crisis and becoming stronger than ever. This is just the beginning and we aim to do a lot more after this re-branding: exciting things are coming for you, and we will definitely be keeping you informed.

    Thank you for your support this far and for accompanying us as we keep growing 🙏

    Posted on 29 Sep 2021

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