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Your Guide to Writing an Effective Expense Management RFP

This writing guide explores the do's and don'ts when writing an expense management RFP, as suggested by our experts.

Prompts include analysing your processes and the issues you are hoping to solve with an expense management solution, digging into your data and not including questions that don't serve your purpose.

Finding the right expense management solution will involve research, comparisons and lots of demos. With the help of our guide to preparing an effective Request for Proposals, you will know the best questions to ask - and which ones to ignore.

Writing an effective RFP will help you identify the best expense management vendor to support you in reaching your goals, including big picture questions and common pitfalls to avoid.

In this guide, our experts share the dos and don’ts of writing an RFP to select expense management software that everyone in your organisation, from travellers to controllers, will be happy to use daily.

Posted on 17 Feb 2022

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