Large telecom organization

Henrik Ahtela Henrik Ahtela Finance Systems & Process Manager at Proximus
MobileXpense has almost become an invisible system for us. We hardly need to pay attention to it and yet it works to everyone's satisfaction. Henrik Ahtela - Proximus
A Belgian success story

Proximus is a Belgian provider of digital services and communication solutions, operating also abroad. They provide customer-centric solutions and products with a focus on innovation to create sustainable growth.

The company was founded in 1992 in Belgacom S.A. before becoming Proximus in 2014. It holds about 45% of the Belgian telecom market and counted over 12.000 employees in 2019. 

Proximus has been a satisfied MobileXpense customer since 2008.


Expense management made invisible

Henrik Ahtela, as Finance Systems and Process Manager at Proximus, is responsible for the implementation of new technologies and services such as MobileXpense. 

MobileXpense is integrated with Proximus' SAP application, allowing employee spend to be automatically booked into the ERP system. Users enter their expenses into a cloud app and human enhanced optical character recognition then accurately recognises the spend data (amount, VAT, merchant, etc.), pre-populating the appropriate fields. 

And the user friendliness of the app is enhanced with the ability for users to take a photo of their receipt as well as the credit card matching functionality. Both of which improve accuracy and make for speedier reimbursements.

Employees who travel a lot and their assistants now enjoy additional efficiency. Laurence Kervyn de Meerendre - Director of Corporate Accounting, Proximus
Reduced workloads

MobileXpense was initially implemented at Proximus to reduce the workload in the Accounting department. In 2019, Proximus expressed interest in upgrading its MobileXpense solution and integrating the SpendCatcher mobile app to further simplify processes. Part of this simplification effort hinged on importing credit card transactions into the solution, streamlining the matching process.

User profiles

An important requirement for Proximus was the ability to create different user profiles, including a reduced scope for technicians to expense only certain types of costs. User profiles are a key component of MobileXpense, making it an effective solution for large companies with multiple levels of hierarchy or scopes of work.

High security

As a telecom service provider, Proximus has high security standards which were met by MobileXpense. Numerous tests have assured the safety of the SpendCatcher mobile app and Proximus users now enjoy using the app the enter and approve expenses on the go.

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