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"With MobileXpense, we have achieved 1M€ in savings on a 9M€ travel spend. 25% is down to simplified administration, the rest is from spend management." Michel Weber, Manager Shared Services Centres and Transactional Processes at Recticel, shares best practices to automate travel and expense management in a global rollout and benefit from sizeable savings in doing so.


Success story

Wonderful Sound for All

MobileXpense is integrated with WS Audiology's FCM travel request and booking system as well as its ERP software, Infor LN. These and other integrations were crucial in automating employee data import, reducing processing times and improving process efficiency by a higher two-digit percentage.

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Success Story

Large telecom organization

MobileXpense is integrated with Proximus' SAP application, allowing employee spend to be automatically booked into the ERP system. Users enter their expenses into a cloud app and human enhanced optical character recognition then accurately recognises the spend data (amount, VAT, merchant, etc.), pre-populating the appropriate fields. 

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Success story

Corporate travel management

BCD Travel chose MobileXpense for their internal expense management in six core countries across Europe. Discover more about their user satisfaction and how they reduced overhead costs with MobileXpense.

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Hansa Murugan Hansa Murugan Operations Team Leader, SD Worx
MobileXpense has provided a great user and customer experience for us. We consider ourselves to be a demanding customer and our needs have always been met with great warmth and care from the team. This really appeals to us. Source: G2
Alice Oana Doicila Alice Oana Doicila Senior Accountant, Roche
MobileXpense's project team was very flexible which made for a great collaboration. What we appreciate the most is that our colleagues can submit reports from anywhere, at any time, and will quickly receive an approval within the app. Source: G2
Francois Gilles François Gilles Project Coordinator, UCB Pharma
MobileXpense is a very user-friendly and intuitive solution which has helped reduce the time I spend entering expenses. In particular, the mobile app allows me to scan documents easily and auto-fills relevant fields. I also appreciate MobileXpense's control checks and rules which automate back-office controls on policy and compliance. Source: G2
Gheorghe Cojocaru Gheorghe Cojocaru Senior Financial Analyst, Deloitte
[MobileXpense is] an integrated and effortless travel and expense management system [...]. [It] allows you to plan, capture, submit and authorise travel and expense related documents very fast for employer approval. Source: G2
CJ Heineken CJ Van Boheemen Global Programme and Project Manager, Heineken
MobileXpense is a very easy to use solution [to declare expenses]. It is very flexible to set up (almost all our processes are integrated in it), multi-language and [convenient]. [MobileXpense] knows the business of expense [management].  Source: Capterra
Stephan Ongania, Global Process Manager Finance & Administration, Swarovski Stephan Ongania Global Process Manager Finance & Administration, Swarovski
[We interacted with] great, well educated people during the rollout and support. The main advantage of this software is its ease of use. Additionally, as it can be accessed from anywhere ([including anywhere on] our company network), this helps the users submit expenses on time. [The] flexibility in customising [the solution] and the local requirements helped us achieve our goals and we were able to roll out MobileXpense nearly globally. Source: Capterra
Tom Daem, Bridgestone Tom Daem Logistics Project Manager, Bridgestone EMEA
I have been using MobileXpense for my business expenses for several years already. The processing speed is very high. Source: G2

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