Travel Management

Keep travel costs under control and employees happy with their business trips

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Making travelling easier

Open integrations

You can maintain your preferred partners and enjoy an effective integration of the travel management software with any third party such as travel agencies or online booking tools. Our open approach helps you obtain the best deals, improved cost control and compliance with travel expense policies, while increasing productivity.
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Discovering new opportunities

Reduce travel costs

When you combine travel expense management with automation, you can do more than just understand where your money is going - you can clearly view your costs and identify opportunities to save by considering options you would have otherwise ignored. Improved visibility and cost control increases the ROI of business travel.

Master the art of cost control
From data to insights

Measure T&E

Know exactly how much you spend, where your money is going and identify methods to decrease business travel costs in your company. You have access to all the reliable data that you need in order to identify travel spending trends, costs drivers, valuable insights and take informed decisions.

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Flexibility meets automation

Seamless integration

From workflows to user interface, the entire solution is adapted to your company's needs. Your efficiency increases and user experience improves with the seamless integration of pre-authorization and cash advance workflows, expense approval and control workflows, customized design, terminology, help text and videos.

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Improving all processes

End-to-End Solution

From travel requests to employee reimbursement, you have everything you need to manage travel expenses efficiently with the help of our end to end solution. Each module is designed to increase compliance, save time and money, ensure travel relevance and invoice reconciliation.

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