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Smoothly Handle Travel Accounts With Secured Reconciliation

Smooth and secure handling of travel accounts with secured reconciliation process

Monthly travel agency invoices have a tendency to get loaded with multiple user bookings: taxis, flights, accommodation, trains, car rentals, etc. This creates a heavy administrative load for Finance teams to identify and allocate travel costs to the correct employee, business unit or cost centre.

To alleviate this load, Mobilexpense MXP now processes electronic transactions and invoices, securely reconciliating the data. MXP automatically allocates transactions based on invoice reference, saving Finance teams a lot of time and providing automated control.

MXP also improves reporting by providing insights into your total net and VAT amounts to be paid to your external travel accounts.

MXP is integrated with multiple travel providers such as AMEX, NTC, Diners and FlygTaxi, among others. This feature is currently being used in Swedish markets.

Posted on 05 May 2022

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