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Declaree x DATEV Integration For Seamless Accounting

DATEV offers a wide range of solutions and services for tax consultants, law firms and companies. Declaree offers an intuitive app for companies to record, approve and structure expenses, travel costs and out-of-pocket expenses. The new integration and partnership between DATEV and Declaree thus offers a digital end-to-end process for employees, companies, and tax advisors.

Advantages of the DATEV x Declaree integration

With the help of the integration between Declaree and DATEV, a digital bridge is created between the company and the tax advisor, which offers concrete advantages for all users:


The automation of recurring tasks helps make processes more efficient. For example, the Declaree app helps reduce subsequent corrections to a minimum by providing automated information on maximum amount limits and travel guidelines. In addition, the transfer of data to DATEV is completely automated via the integration.

Data security

Payroll-related data is sensitive employee data - and it must be protected. Many companies still send data in the form of attached Excel files by e-mail. However, with the help of the direct integration between DATEV and Declaree, the data is encrypted and transmitted directly from Declaree to the DATEV data centre without any detours.


Employees can enter and approve expenses while on the road. The data is stored securely in the cloud. Instead of sending and managing paper files, the data is thus accessible to all authorised persons in real time and from anywhere. This not only allows expenses to be submitted from the comfort of the home office, but also provides employees with greater transparency throughout the reimbursement process.

Linking the Declaree app with DATEV

Within the settings of the Declaree web application, the link to DATEV can be established with just a few clicks. All you need to do is log in to DATEV using one of the three familiar login methods.

  • DATEV Smart Login
  • DATEV Smart Card / DATEV mIDentity

Declaree helps you set up the technical integration

The standard Declaree connection to DATEV can be set up with just a few clicks within the Declaree web application. Our onboarding team will be happy to assist you personally with this.

If you also need help with the set-up within the DATEV programmes, please feel free to book a free appointment for DATEV partner onboarding directly with DATEV.

Posted on 01 Jun 2022

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