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Our features

Travel management in the cloud

MobileXpense Nordics delivers a cloud-based solution supporting the end-to-end travel and expense process for both travellers and their employers.

Prior to travel, the solution provides support for travel profiles, travel orders and order/booking. During travel; travel events such as card transactions, delivery notes and receipts are continuously collected, and after travel; the solution manages expenses, invoice matching and tracking of the full travel costs. All functionality is accessible from any platform like computer, tablets or smartphones.

MobileXpense is a modular solution where customers can freely choose which modules to use. All modules are configurable to suit an organizations processes and needs. Regardless of which modules an organization uses, the selected modules are integrated into one process flow. Features also include role-based user management, flexible language support, automated posting and workflow with audit and certification.


MobileXpense is supplier neutral and fully integrated to both internal systems such as finance, payroll and billing as well as external partners such as travel agencies, card companies, banks and travel account providers. MobileXpense is a global solution with support for local rules and regulations. All data is securely stored and managed according to GDPR.

  • Travel Agent Integration


    Lower total cost of ownership with less administration.

  • how-it-works-sync-integrate


    Flexible and independent of current partners or solutions.

  • how-it-works-analyze-review


    All data and personal information securely stored and managed.

  • how-it-works-capture-submit

    Clear overview on travel expenses.

MobileXpense in numbers

more than 1800 Implementations
+19 M Transactions processed in 2018
Saving up to 65% on your T&E process
€1 B Processed in 2018
+100 Active countries
+1.4 M End users