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WAY2VAT analyses if VAT is recoverable from your employees' domestic and foreign expenses such as meals, accommodation, fuel, etc. and makes the process of reclaiming VAT simple and effortless.

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Belangijkste features

  • Automatically identify all recoverable VAT from invoices in Mobilexpense
  • Never miss a refund! Get local VAT refunds going back up to 4 years
  • Get refunds from 40 countries from the last 21 months without translating or filling out forms
  • Receive VAT refunds faster, directly to your bank account


Every year, $20 billion in unclaimed VAT is lost. To most businesses, the money is already spent, and trying to file claims in foreign languages or risking running afoul of the local tax authorities simply isn’t worth the hassle.

Established in 2016, WAY2VAT wanted to challenge the VAT industry’s status quo by making VAT refunds accessible to all.

Waarom dit gebruiken?

WAY2VAT can claim the VAT for you for every expense in the Mobilexpense solution - and the money goes straight to your bank account.

Once the integration is enabled, all the expenses and expense receipts that are associated with reimbursed reports are automatically synced to WAY2VAT on the first day of every month. WAY2VAT analyses whether the expenses are eligible for VAT reclaim, and help you receive the maximum refund based on the VAT rules.

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