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Automate & streamline your accounting & settlement processes by integrating with your preferred ERP & accounting systems. Our broad range of interfaces with the most known ERP & accounting systems will leverage your financial capabilities with our expense management expertise.
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Belangijkste features

  • Mobile app to capture receipts, mileages & daily allowances
  • Business rules & workflows to manage your expense processes
  • Relieve your IT & Finance teams with automated data exchange


Organisations that use DATEV for their financial accounting can benefit from our automated data exchange set up between Mobilexpense Declaree and DATEV.

With this interface, your organisation can provide employees with a state-of-the-art expense app, while still solidifying all expense reports into your core finance solution.

Waarom dit gebruiken?

Declaree offers two different types of data exchange: either manual export and import, or automated via DATEV Data services.

To understand the differences, and which interface suits your DATEV installation best, please contact us for more information.