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Mobilexpense Partners with Tranzer to Streamline Employee Mobility Spend

Mobilexpense, a leading provider of employee expense management software, announced today the availability of an interface between the two platforms to help companies streamline employee mobility spend automatically into their expense solution.

The interface between Tranzer and the Mobilexpense Declaree environment allows companies to offer their employees the full Tranzer mobility suite, while also ensuring all spend is captured and justified in Declaree.

New Mobility

The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changed how and where people work, and with that the way in which people move around. In parallel, increased climate awareness is making people want to choose more environmentally conscious means of transport. Companies that would traditionally offer employees a fixed commuter allowance, leasing car or railway pass are now considering mobility concepts that allow employees flexibility in how they move around and which modes of transport they choose. Meanwhile, companies want to remain in control of the cost of mobility and report on CO2 emissions, both internally as externally.

With the Tranzer mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) app, employees are free to choose their own modes of transportation. Whether it's a train, bus, tram or scooter, employees can plan and pay for each business trip instantly, regardless of the means of transportation they need to use. Moreover, Tranzer provides tickets and access to mobility in many European countries. All necessary tickets are instantly available in the app.

The synchronisation between Tranzer and Declaree allows employees to automatically forward invoices to Declaree, ensuring all mobility spend is captured and justified in the business expense management solution.

A Partnership to Bring Flexibility and Environmental Consciousness to Mobility

The partnership between Mobilexpense and Tranzer enables companies to offer their employees the flexibility required in smart and environmentally conscious mobility, while keeping employee spend under control.

As awareness surrounding environmental impact and sustainability grows, many companies are adopting carbon reduction strategies and promoting green mobility among their employees. We see a trend of reduced car ownership and increased car-sharing, fewer leasing cars and larger mobility budgets. This integration between Tranzer and Mobilexpense Declaree makes it incredibly easy for employees to choose sustainable modes of transport, and thereby clearly supports our and our customers' paths to greener mobility.

Thibaud de Keyzer, CEO, Mobilexpense
The post-COVID era demands new and more flexible mobility solutions for employees. Together with our partner Mobilexpense, we provide a unique solution of sustainable door-to-door mobility for business travel where expenses can be claimed in one click.

Paul Rooijmans, CEO, Tranzer

The integration is publicly available as of today in Mobilexpense.

What is MaaS?

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is the concept surround the easy and personalised planning, booking and payment of an individual trip. Not only with traditional public transport, but also with shared forms of mobility. This fits in with the current climate in which freedom of choice is more important than possession, and where young people are getting their driver's licences increasingly later in life, preferring to share means of transport rather than owning them. MaaS is the next step in this development.

MaaS makes it possible to look at mobility in a different way and offers people the opportunity to easily choose between different forms of transport that match their needs in the moment (bicycle, (shared) car, bus, train, aeroplane).

About Tranzer

Tranzer is a startup MaaS provider from The Netherlands that integrates all kinds of (public) transport options as well as parking, making them accessible to users. With Tranzer, plan and pay for your travel by train, tram, bus, taxi and other mobility solutions such as e-scooters and e-steps or even parking via an app on your smartphone, without needing an OV-chipkaart. Plan and buy your entire trip in-app at once, even when using different carriers. Mobile tickets are accepted just about everywhere: train, bus, tram and even station turnstiles. Tickets are delivered straight to your phone.

About Mobilexpense Declaree

Mobilexpense Declaree is an online Expense Management solution that offers a native smartphone app for employees to declare their expenses on the go. Employees can digitise receipts, add mileages, daily allowances, credit card transactions and any other reimbursable fee to the app instead of filling out monthly expense forms in Excel or on paper. Declaree stores all the receipts securely online where managers can review and approve all expense reports. After approval, all expenses are digitally processed and correctly coded into the ERP/Accounting/Payroll solution.

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Posted on 19 Sep 2022

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