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Gain more visibility into your company's spending by integrating your preferred card providers. Thanks to our interfaces with worldwide card providers, transactions incurred with corporate & lodge cards are visible in our solution to spot hidden costs & take control of your employees' expenses.

Principales caractéristiques

  • Transactions are automatically pushed from Mastercard to Mobilexpense
  • Near-immediate access to credit card spend data
  • Improved view & control over credit card spend

La description

If your employees use corporate or business credit cards, you want them to be able to justify those costs, save the receipts, and report on the expenses incurred. The process of justifying spend is however not incentivised for employees when they aren't waiting for a reimbursement.Which is why connecting Mobilexpense with your Mastercard transaction data feed provides such tangible benefits. Each one of your employees' Mastercard transactions are automatically and readily available in Mobilexpense for them to add their receipts to.Your Finance team can trust that they are control, regardless of how long the wait is for the credit card statement, because they can rest assured that all transactions are available in Mobilexpense.

Pourquoi utiliser ça ?

The Mastercard transaction data feed is set up via your bank and Mastercard Smart Data Online.Data feeds are automatically imported into your Mobilexpense solution to pre-populate expense fields for easy expense management.