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Gain more visibility into your company's spending by integrating your preferred card providers. Thanks to our interfaces with worldwide card providers, transactions incurred with corporate & lodge cards are visible in our solution to spot hidden costs & take control of your employees' expenses.

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Principales caractéristiques

  • Manage bunq debit & credit cards from the Mobilexpense Declaree application
  • Push transactions in real time to employees
  • Free employees from the burden of paying out of pocket for business expenses

La description

Provide your employees with bunq debit and/or credit cards and managege them from within Mobilexpense. This combination helps your employees spend wisely and frees them from the burden of prepaying business costs out of pocket.

Unlike with traditional credit cards, it is impossible to overspend your bunq balance. And employees receive real time push notifications for each transaction, resulting in instant justification of any costs incurred.

The complete card management process is integrated, meaning you can order and manage your bunq cards from within our solution, including activating, blocking and freezing cards and imposing spend limits.

Pourquoi utiliser ça ?

Managing company cards and employee expenses can be a headache for your financial and controlling team.

With our API integration with bunq, centralise your bunq card management within Mobilexpense. This facilitates employee travel expense management while giving you more visibility into and control over company expenditure.

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