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Blue dot TEB

Accurately and efficiently track, report and calculate taxable employee benefits for effortless tax compliance with Blue dot TEB.

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Principales caractéristiques

  • Easily identify reimbursable expenses (office supplies, internet, cell phone, parking, meals, etc.) that should be considered a taxable benefit
  • Up-to-date taxation rules: the system is preconfigured with country default rules while allowing custom rules for unique country requirements
  • Technology-driven OCR, auto-matching, and ML for deep analysis

La description

Employers must report all Taxable Employee Benefits (fringe benefits, benefits in kind) that are part of an employee’s compensation package through the normal payroll process or through employee expenditures entered into Mobilexpense.

Pourquoi utiliser ça ?

Remain compliant with the latest taxable benefits regulations by delivering the required level of checks, controls and calculations of consumer-style spend subject to fringe benefit taxes on employee expenses processed through Mobilexpense.

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