• Functions

  • Expense Entry

    With MobileXpense, entering your expenses has never been so fast and simple.

    You can enter your expense in a few clicks, and rely on the application to support you for VAT calculation depending of the expense category or exchange rate calculation. MobileXpense maintains a database containing all the VAT rates specific to the major European countries, therefore allowing VAT to be directly calculated during data entry. Thanks to us, you won't have to struggle with VAT anymore.

    Your categories as well as many analytical dimensions such as projects, cost centers, departments, etc. are supported. Other dimensions can also be added. The application will notify users if the expenses they are entering are out of your company policies or against legal local regulations.

  • Special Expense Features

    MobileXpense makes it easy to calculate and report mileage, daily allowances, cash advances and more…

    Professional expense reporting is not only limited to cash or credit cards expenses.  Other functionalities can be quite helpful for your employees:

    • Mileage Allowances management

      You used your car to drive to visit a customer for a business meeting? You used a company truck to make a delivery and you need to be reimbursed? MobileXpense makes this very simple for you. Our mileage allowance management has many useful features such as:

      • The possibility to enter the cities of departure and arrival to automatically calculate the distance with Google Maps.
      • The possibility to cumulate distance driven during the year per car and per employee.
      • The possibility of complex reimbursement rate definition (per yearly distance driven, motor size, country of the user, etc.).
      • Compliance with legal requirements concerning mileage allowances in Europe.
    • Daily Allowances and DSA rates management

      Your company or country has a specific system of allowances? MobileXpense's application can help you calculate and report it.  Our allowance management solution offers the following advantages:

      • Compliance with legal requirements concerning  allowances and DSA rates (the legal rates and schemes in Europe are automatically updated whenever they change).
      • Besides the legal rates and calculation schemes, customer specific schemes can be developed on demand.
      • Austrian and German specific daily allowances schemes are supported.
    • Cash Advance management

      Need a cash advance for your business trip or customer visit? It is possible to submit your cash advance request in MobileXpense. In this request form, the amount of cash required, the currency, as well as the purpose can be defined by the user. When your cash advance as been approved and transferred, we automatically reconcile the expenses declared by the user to the open cash advance. The system will automatically clear expired cash advances before reimbursing the user.

  • SpendCatcher

    Let SpendCatcher create your expenses for you.

    Thanks to SpendCatcher you will save precious time reporting your expenses. The app will simply "read" your receipt and create an expense in the MobileXpense system for you. All you need to do is regroup your expenses into a report and click "Submit". MobileXpense will then route your report automatically for control by accounting and approval by your manager.

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  • Reporting

    Go a step beyond static reporting and periodic outputs. Interact with your expense data, discover patterns and find new opportunities.

    With MobileXpense, you can benefit from multiple types of reporting tools depending on your needs and depending on the users roles in your organisation. MobileXpense offers periodic reporting outputs designed for you, allows you to choose among popular types of reports and query your company database.

    Additionally to those reporting tools, MobileXpense offers the MXP Analytics reporting tool. MXP Analytics is an add-on reporting platform offered to our customers based on Qlikview technology. MXP Analytics facilitates interactive data exploration, improves the ability to visualize data and supports collaboration with near real-time data. Whether you are tracking travel expenses for your department, managing global supplier spend or monitoring process KPIs, MXP Analytics lets you work the way you think, helping to identify patterns and see opportunities.

  • Configurable Workflow

    MobileXpense's workflow engine is highly flexible and adapts to your company's process and requirements.

    • Pre-authorization and cash advance workflows
      The MobileXpense pre-authorization and travel management process allows you to manage travel and entertainment pre-approval requests, cash advance requests and travel bookings. Different types of pre-approval requests can be set up with their specific configurable entry forms. While you enter your request, validation rules inform you and/or your approver about the compliance of your request. After submission, approval rules define whether the request should be approved by your hierarchical head, the cost centre head and/or the project head. Escalation conditions are configurable, and MobileXpense can support delegation and substitution processes as well as customized pre-approval workflows.
    • Expense approval and control workflows
      All your submitted expense reports are routed for authorization (approval(s) and control) according to specified workflow rules that are applicable for this expense. The multiple approval and control steps can be organized sequentially or in parallel. The approval workflow is entirely determined by your policy and your rules. Depending on the categories, the place, the amount of your transaction, etc. approval can be required or not or even escalated to a higher level in the hierarchy. It is also possible to request additional approval by project, cost center or category.
      In addition to approval, MobileXpense supports a control step by your accounting/finance department.
  • Supported Expense Control

    You are a controller, and you are looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your verification process? MobileXpense has also a set of solutions for you.

    • Sampling
      Thanks to our sampling feature, you no longer have to execute an exhaustive control of every document. The sample to be audited can be generated automatically based on many different factors such as: categories, amounts,  audit history of an employee, policy compliance, etc. You can also resize the sample to be audited with simple rules such as the number of controllers available that day.
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
      As a controller, OCR can help you determine the transactions or reports that you should check. It will give you an indication on which elements (amount, VAT, date, supplier, city) were recognized on the receipt compared to the expense data entered by the user or received from the bank in case of a credit card transaction.
    • Hard copy check
      In case a paper flow is required, as a controller, you can scan the barcode on the cover sheet of a report and the system will automatically open the report in the application for you. You then have the choice to approve or reject the expense,  edit expenses and roll back the workflow or continue.
  • SpendController

    SpendController facilitates expenses control by pointing out innacuracies in expense’s claims.

    Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) we simplify the task of your controllers. The system checks the most important fields on the receipts uploaded by user in the application (amount, VAT, date, merchant, city) and compares the information on the receipt with the information entered by the user. It then gives an overview of what information was verified or not.

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  • Digital Receipt Management

    Thanks to our digital receipts management, you make a step forward towards the era of the paperless office.

    Through this service, MobileXpense enables you to upload images of your receipts to your expense reports and retrieve them. The attachment of documents is available in the web application as well as the mobile app.

  • Usage

  • Mobile App

    The Mobilexpense App functionalities are especially designed to meet the reality in which people are working today.

    The Mobile App offers MobileXpense users a new way to manage their travel expenses on the go. Reporting a travel expense item is a matter of a few clicks on the smartphone or tablet. Managers on the road can approve their team’s travel requests and travel expense reports on their mobile device. It is available for the current version of the following operating systems: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows.

    On our mobile app, you can:

    • Create an expense: employees can immediately add new expenses, take a picture of the receipts and attach them to the individual expense entry. 
    • Enter mileage: the GPS assisted mileage entry allows users to report accurate routing and related mileages in less than three clicks. Not only is every stop point accurately reported (with exact geo-coordinates and postcodes or even visited clients’ name and address) but also the mileage between each stop is automatically calculated.
    • Enter allowances: With the allowance functionality, users only have to fill in a couple of fields and the system will automatically calculate the amount corresponding to their journey, and the legal requirements.
    • Create expense reports: The reports too can be managed through the App. Users can create, cancel and submit them in just a few clicks.
    • Get your manager's approval: With mobile travel requests approvals and expense approvals, managers on the move can easily control and approve any booking or reimbursement while allowing users to check their submitted reports’ status immediately.


  • Customized Look & Feel

    Our application is one you can recognize as your own. With its adapted look & feel and customized features, MobileXpense's solution becomes a real part of your company.

    MobileXpense is an application that you can customize in many different ways.

    • Look & Feel of the entire application: Give us your corporate colors, your logo and we will adapt the application so that it becomes yours.
    • Terminology: Not only can you change the colors of our application, you can also use your own specific terminology. You can change labels and dimensions used in the application, therefore making sure that all your users correctly understand all the terminology used.
    • Help text and videos:  The training material and context specific help can be customized by you.
  • Languages

    Our application is available in more than 30 languages. You can also create your custom dictionary with your company's terminology.

    We support more than 30 different languages. Amongst others the application is available in: English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, etc. Additional languages can be set up quickly.

    Languages can be chosen by the end users and the alerts and automatic messages will therefore be in the chosen language.

    Moreover, there is the possibility for you to have your custom dictionary: field labels can be adapted to reflect your specific terminology.

    Finally, even though languages and terminology can be different in all your different entities, we can still ensure cross-entity reporting so that you can always have a global view on all your data.

  • Integrations

  • Travel Booking Integration

    Our core business is managing the expense process and we do whatever we can to keep it simple with multiple integration partners.

    MobileXpense has been integrating with different online booking tools since 2006 and we continue collaboration with our partners on implementations and enhancements. Currently integrations exist with Online Booking tools such as : AeTM Amadeus, Egencia, i:FAO Cytric.
    MobileXpense is also integrated with:

    • International SOS to inform the users or travellers about any known risks related to a specific country.
    • GVN, a booking platform for provision of a video conferencing room in customer locations and external facilities, as an alternative to travel.
    • HRS, a travel booking website specializing in hotels.

    MobileXpense offers two solutions: the MXP Travel module as a discreet ‘end to end’ solution, and MXP connect which provides click-through functionality.

  • Credit cards and e-invoice integration

    All your credit card transactions and many other types of invoicing can be integrated in our system and flow through the expense approval process automatically.

    MobileXpense integrates corporate credit cards (walking cards private or company funded, lodged cards, etc.) and other types of invoicing providers (individual flight expenses, mobile telephony, fuel). We are linked to the major credit card issuers in Europe, and elsewhere. Currently we have implemented integrations with over 30 card issuers (Airplus, Amercian Express, Mastercard, Visa, Shell, Total, Mobistar, Orange Telecom, etc.). If you do need new integrations, just ask and MobileXpense will make it happen.

  • Customer architecture integration

    MobileXpense integrates with your choice of Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP) system or accounting system and Human Resources System for master data and transactional data.

    Within each entity of your company, you can create and maintain individual user profiles, cost accounts, cost centers, projects, policies etc. and keep the data up to date through data interfaces from any ERP system or HR system. (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Sage, JD Edwards, Navision, etc.).

    For reimbursement, accounting and payment data MobileXpense also works with your choice of ERP or accounting system.

  • Exchange Rate Integration

    You are frequently travelling abroad and struggling with exchange rates? Do not worry anymore, we have the solution.

    MobileXpense supports 170 different currencies, and uploads exchange rates every day from official websites such as xe.com as well as from legal country sources (Central Banks rates) for those countries where exchange rates are regulated. If your corporate policy drives exchange rates calculations, MobileXpense can accomodate it (weekly, daily, premium, etc.).