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Minimise the maintenance of organisational & employee data by connecting your preferred HR & Payroll systems. Our supported integrations make data synchronisation carefree while ensuring that your expense management process is up to date.
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  • Keep all your expense reports in sync with your Loket salary admin
  • Expenses are synchronised via the predefined XML export for Loket.nl
  • Expenses are securely stored according to GDPR regulations


Loket.nl simplifies the task of keeping track of your HR and salary administration. Payroll processing and smart HR solutions are all included in one online application - from maintaining complete digital personnel files to simple leave tracking.

Vorteile der Integration

Optimize and enhance your HR & Payroll ecosystem with an integrated solution that helps automate and keep your organizational data up to date.The Mobilexpense and Loket integration rids you of the tedious task of synchronizing your company's data while ensuring proper expense reimbursement for your employees following your payroll process.