Our approach

Responsible business practices.

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Our approach to sustainability as a responsible business is based on our values and driven by sound governance and transparency.

Our customers, partners and employees form an ecosystem to which we have a responsibility to always aim to do better, including with our products. These have their own role to play in this ecosystem by not only improving our customers' productivity, but also by supporting them on their path to a paperless and more environmentally responsible way of doing business.

We believe that our customers should be conscious of the environmental impact of their corporate travel decisions.

To create CO2 footprint awareness, we have improved our OBT integration backend services to capture the CO2 emissions generated by air and rail bookings. We are currently assessing how we can further support our customers in reducing their environmental impact. We wish to increase awareness through our products and by allowing our customers to control their environmental costs.

Carbon assessment

Mobilexpense is climate driven and we are working on our aim of reaching global carbon neutrality.

With the help of Tapio's carbon management platform, we carried out our initial carbon assessment for our headquarters over the course of 2020. Tapio’s platform allowed us to understand and visualise our carbon footprint according to three scopes: direct emissions, energy related emissions and indirect emissions.

With this, we analysed our carbon footprint and how to improve it to efficiently and positively impact the climate emergency. Our new headquarters in Brussels will be paperless for example, in a passive building with its own commitments towards sustainability.

Mobilexpense's carbon profile
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Carbon reduction & sequestration

While we aim to reduce our emissions wherever possible, the remaining CO2 stemming from our activities is sequestered and offset through our participation in carbon sequestration projects such as the Safe Water Access Project in Rwanda's Nyagatare district and the regular planting of trees.

These are the first steps towards our sustainability commitments, and we have exciting plans to give our efforts in the matter a tangible direction. These will start with extending the scope of our assessment to the rest of our offices very soon.

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This is how we do it

  • Our customers

    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer retention
    • Ensure data privacy and security
  • Our People

    • Attract talent & retain it
    • Ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace (50/50 gender parity, no age discrimination)
    • Engage employees in company initiatives
    • Embody company values and culture
    • Provide employee training and development
  • Responsible business

    • Ethics & values
    • Transparency
    • Compliance
    • Striving to do better - in a measurable way
  • Community & environment

    • Invest in our community and strive to make improvements
    • Measure & reduce our environmental footprint
    • Encourage customers, partners and stakeholders to take steps of their own (e.g. through digitalisation/paperless processes)

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