Company values

We live our company values, putting our customers first and developing our talent as One Team while being socially and environmentally responsible.

Our values drive us as individuals and as a group. We do business in a way that is socially and environmentally responsible, and we take pride in our ethics. We abide by the law, support human rights and do our part to protect the environment both through our actions and by challenging our partners and suppliers to think about and improve their own environmental footprint.

MobileXpense was founded in the year 2000, at the beginning of the new millennium. As a SaaS company, we are committed to measuring and reducing our carbon footprint by combining our efforts to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet. We believe in the future of our wonderful young and diverse team (of more than 20 nationalities) and are convinced that every little step counts to save resources and protect our planet.

As stated in our company values:
  • We Care
  • We Empower
  • We Take Ownership
  • We Respect
  • We Are One Team

We aim to become a preferred employer by living these values and becoming a role model for our employees in our interactions with people and the environment.

  2019 2020
Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) 21.75 21
Employee engagement 7.63 7.51


CEO Message

Because we care

"At MobileXpense, we deliver smart expense management solutions that fit our customers' global needs and are easy to deploy and support as well as being user friendly.

We are one of the most ambitious SaaS companies in Europe today. With our unmatched expertise in compliance across borders, our laser focus on smart expense solutions and our proximity to our customers and partners, we place our customers at the heart of our business. Supported by our values and strong company strategy and objectives, we lead and inspire our people to achieve great things. Our company culture is behind our success, because our team cares.

As part of our journey, we are committed to developing a business that is responsible both towards the environment and society at large. This is critical in maintaining our strong relationships with customers and broader stakeholders. We believe it is important to give back to the community and act responsibly towards the environment, and we want to walk the talk.

We all know that fighting climate change is one of humanity’s biggest challenges today. Which is why we are setting up a corporate responsibility strategy to address our impact on climate change and reduce our carbon footprint right here and now, because we care. We want to be aware of our own climate impact and to be transparent with regards to our measurable efforts to act upon it. In doing so, our company will perform better and have a positive impact on the environment, on our financial marketing and on our HR-related aspects.

This charter is our first foray into putting on paper what we have been doing with regards to sustainability and the environment. It reflects our commitments and expectations as well as setting out our approach to sustainability. Over time, we aim to become even more transparent and to be able to measure and share our positive impacts.

We are deeply committed to continuously evolving our approach to responsible business and look forward to receiving your ongoing feedback and support."

Tine Vandenbreeden
Brussels, December 2020

team spirit

Our stakeholders

MobileXpense actively engages with key stakeholders through a range of mechanisms based on the type of stakeholder and the topics of interestExamples of these are as outlined below. Collaboration and engagement across our value chain are critical for our future success.

Stakeholders Key interests Types of engagement
  • Ongoing profitability
  • Growth
  • Innovation and new products/solutions
  • Transparency
  • Board meetings
  • Company results (standard set of KPIs) / Annual Reports
  • 1 +1 = 3
  • Common product development
  • Common selling activities
  • Remuneration
  • Career growth
  • Internal communications
  • Learning and development
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Wellbeing
  • Engagement-based performance management
  • Job-levelling program
  • All Hands meetings
  • Training (language & LinkedIn Learning)
  • eNPS survey
  • Work from Anywhere policy & Company Team building activities
Government and regulators
  • Compliance
  • Policies and standards
  • ISO 27001, ISAE 3402, PCI DSS, TISAX certification audits
  • Pro-active engagement in key compliance areas
  • Direct and indirect engagement
  • Product performance
  • Product compliance
  • Quality of service
  • Support Data privacy and security
  • Cost Savings
  • Integrated product & service delivery methodologies
  • Change-proof global compliance
  • Hassle-free expensing for happy employees
  • Open and fully adaptive solution
  • Get a grip on costs: 1st step transparency
Community and environment
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) performance
  • Organizing community empowerment activities
  • Customer presents replaced by sustainable alternatives
  • Responsible business
  • Supplier agreements
  • Partnering for innovation


responsible business

Our approach

Our approach to sustainability as a responsible business is based on our values and driven by sound governance and transparency.

Our customers, partners and employees form an ecosystem to which we have a responsibility to always aim to do better, including with our products. These have their own role to play in this ecosystem by not only improving our customers' productivity, but also by supporting them on their path to a paperless and more environmentally responsible way of doing business.

We believe that our customers should be conscious of the environmental impact of their corporate travel decisions. To create CO2 footprint awareness, we have improved our OBT integration backend services to capture the CO2 emissions generated by air and rail bookings. We are currently assessing how we can further support our customers in reducing their environmental impact. We wish to increase awareness through our products and by allowing our customers to control their environmental costs.

Our Customers
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Ensure data privacy and security
Our People
  • Attract talent & retain it
  • Ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace (50/50 gender parity, no age discrimination)
  • Engage employees in company initiatives
  • Embody company values and culture
  • Provide employee training and development
Responsible Business
  • Ethics & values
  • Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Striving to do better - in a measurable way
Community & Environment
  • Invest in our community and strive to make improvements
  • Measure & reduce our environmental footprint
  • Encourage customers, partners and stakeholders to take steps of their own (e.g. through digitalisation/paperless processes)



5 pillars

Our engagement to you as a supplier

Respect - We respect the people and organizations we are in contact with, as well as our contracts and engagements. All individuals are welcomed and treated with respect, regardless of gender, race, religion, orientation or any other categorisation. Inclusiveness and diversity are ingrained in our DNA.

Honesty - We are honest in all our dealings with our customers. Our pricing is fair and transparent, and we communicate honestly on all our initiatives and suppliers or third-parties. We talk the talk and walk the walk: we do what we say we will, and we deliver what we have agreed to.

Transparency - We are not perfect, but we are putting in the work. We select our suppliers based on objective criteria to find the one who we believe is best suited for the job. We proactively inform and will provide additional information as needed through our channels of open communication.

Health & Safety - We respect the rules and regulations set forth by the authorities regarding the health and safety of our employees and contractors, dealing with emergencies swiftly and appropriately, providing safe work spaces and putting our employees' health front and center. Our working conditions are regularly audited by accredited organizations and we provide top-notch health coverage for our employees. All contractors and sub-processors sign agreements attesting to their respect of these same rules.

Environment - We are committed to the environment and to society, aiming to always leave them in an improved state. We are transparent regarding the fact that we are only starting on our path to a greener future through tree-planting initiatives and carbon footprint measuring, reduction and offsetting. We are assessing our products to improve their sustainability and make them strong tools in our customers' own sustainability toolbox. We want to pave the way to greener expense management, involving our customers and discussing their expectations every step of the way as true stakeholders in this initiative.

We are taking steps towards being carbon neutral by first measuring our carbon footprint and setting up a dedicated action plan.

Business integrity is crucial to us and the key to our excellent relationships with our customers and partners. We ensure that all our actions reflect our integrity and will not act in a manner as to jeopardize it. We are fair and respectful to our customers and suppliers, and we are also committed to challenging them to improve their own practices whenever possible.

Your engagement

What we ask of you

As our customers, partners and suppliers, we hope for a certain alignment between our values and your own.

The following are important to us.
  • Respect the environment - We ask that you understand our commitment to the environment and ask, at a a minimum, that you comply with the applicable environmental laws and regulations of the territories within which you operate. You do your best to minimize harmful environmental impacts and strive to improve your footprint. We welcome you sharing with us your own initiatives so that we can learn from each other and be better together. We do not condone activities such as illegal dumping, illegal logging or any other illegal activities which may be harmful to the environment.
  • Respect labor practices & human rights - We expect you to respect the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at work as well as international law on human rights. You ensure that you are not participating in any abuses of human rights by championing the following (not limited to):
    • The abolition of child labor
    • The elimination of forced labor
    • The freedom of association
    • The elimination of workplace discrimination
    • Fair treatment of all
    • Compliance with all applicable laws pertaining to wages, benefits, working conditions and hours.
  • Business integrity - You are committed to working against all forms of corruption, extortion, money laundering, fraud and bribery. You have processes in place to ensure transparency and accountability. You comply with all competition laws and regulations.