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Decla¬≠ree x TravelPerk

With the Travelperk x Declaree integration, all your booked trips are automatically synced with your Mobilexpense Declaree app.

  • 1

    Flexible business travel booking with TravelPerk

  • 2

    Travel safely in a shifting legal landscape

  • 3

    Benefit from exclusive rates

  • 4

    Travel sustainably and reach your CO2 budget targets

  • 5

    Increase efficiency through optimised workflows

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How it works

Employees book their business travel independently and within policy for any trip with TravelPerk.

Each trip is synced with Declaree, where all associated expenses are automatically captured. Whether it's daily allowances, credit card expenses, or out of pocket expenses for meals, public transportation, etc.

  • Employees plan and book their trips in the TravelPerk app

  • All bookings are automatically pushed to the Declaree app

  • A trip report it created for each trip in the Declaree app

  • Employees justify all costs on-the-go by snapping photos of their receipts in the Declaree app

  • No risk of overspending thanks to real-time compliance and guaranteed within policy bookings

Key benefits

Empowering employees to plan and book their own trips enables them to make the best choices for their travel and reduces the time spent by your travel department.

Linking TravelPerk to Mobilexpense Declaree ensures that your Management team always has close control over total travel spend and valuable insights into the total cost of each trip.

TravelPerk is a travel management company that sells its services to businesses. It provides travel and expense management services for businesses by automating spending limits and travel policies.

See the TravelPerk integration in action