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Declaree x Tranzer

Tranzer allows your employees to plan and book their (public) transport options and parking using the Tranzer app without needing an OV-chipkaart.

  • 1

    Plan & pay for a door to door trip with Tranzer

  • 2

    Enjoy more mobility options and carriers

  • 3

    Centralise all your tickets in the Tranzer app

  • 4

    Receive invoices for each trip in Declaree

  • 5

    Increase your teams' control on costs

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How it works

Tranzer simplifies employee mobility by integrating with multiple public transport options, including micro mobility, making them more accessible to your employees.

  • Train
  • Tram/Bus
  • Taxi
  • Micro mobility (e-scooter, e-step)
  • Parking

Book and pay for all of these in one app thanks to our Declaree x Tranzer integration. And all without the need for an OV-chipkaart.

Centralise tickets & receipts

The mobility tickets are delivered straight to your mobile phone, and the invoice for the entire trip is available immediately in the Declaree app - even when using multiple carriers. No more chasing receipts!

Trust your employees to make the best choice when it comes to transportation options. Give them the opportunity them to choose between modes of transport, carriers, timings and even CO2 emissions while improving cost control.

By connecting Tranzer to your Mobilexpense Declaree expense management app, you improve employee happiness while enhancing productivity and spend visibility.

See the Tranzer integration in action