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Automatically store approved expense reports

Digitise your expense management to store expense reports and receipts in your d.velop DMS.

Seamless integration with d.velop DMS

Declaree’s expense management app lets employees easily capture and submit expenses for approval. These approved expense reports are automatically uploaded into d.velop’s DMS for long-term storage and legal compliance.

All your legal documents in one place

Easily find expense reports thanks to the PDF expense files’ searchable meta data: report ID, date, report name, total amount and currency can all be searched.

Expenses on the go

The Declaree app not only allows employees to scan receipts, capture expenses and submit expense reports but also to add mileages, company card transactions and daily allowances.

Eliminate forgetfulness

Forget about forgetting. Declaree periodically combine loose expenses into a report that is submitted for approval. Regular reminders help users submit open expense reports and provide approvals.

Take control of your employees’ spending

Spend up to 65% less time dealing with expenses with our business rules that flag out of policy items. Define approval workflows as well as the justification required for each item.

Benefit from a real time view to identify abnormal spending behaviours.

Let us automate your accounting assignment

Stop transferring data from a spreadsheet to your accounting system. Our smart rules and workflows automatically and correctly assign every expense in your system, including custom categories.

Maximise your deductions

We make sure that you get the highest tax-deductible per diem without exceeding it and regardless of destination. We also help you apply compliant mileage rates for any vehicle type.

Enjoy unparalleled integrations

Declaree is designed to seamlessly connect not only to the d.velop DMS but also to your finance, ERP, accounting, and payroll solutions as well as credit card and travel companies. We support single sign on (SSO) to let your employees log in with their existing credentials.

We are by your side

We ensure that you apply expense management best practices by providing you with personal guidance, documentation, and trainings, and accompany you through every step of the setup process.

Our team of local experts will assist you with integrations and questions you may have down the line.