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Declaree x bunq

With the bunq integration, instantly order and assign bunq debit and credit cards to your employees from within the Mobilexpense Declaree application.

  • 1

    Instantly order and assign cards to employees

  • 2

    Control all spend and expenses in real-time

  • 3

    Set transaction and/or ATM limits for each card

  • 4

    Activate, freeze or block cards in real-time

  • 5

    Each transaction is fully justified in Declaree

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Key employee benefits

Employees can use their bunq card to pay for any business spend as needed. Whether it's home office supplies, drinks for the office meetup, parking fees or public transport...

With our solution, your employees pay for business expenses with their bunq business card, instead of out of their own pockets.

  • Pay online and in-store with bunq Maestro or Mastercard

  • All transactions are instantly pushed to the Declaree app

  • Employees justify all costs by snapping photos of receipts

  • No risk of overspending because of real-time compliance

Trusting employees with their own card motivates them to spend wisely and enables them to prove the value of having autonomy over their own budget.

By introducing bunq cards to your expense management, you improve employee happiness while increasing productivity and spend visibility.

Key company benefits

There are many compelling reasons for companies to use bunq cards versus traditional credit cards and relieve employees from paying for business expenses out-of-pocket.

  • Manage all cards and employee spend in one application

  • No more chasing receipts

  • Manage your own bunq bank account and allocated budget

  • Real-time insight into all employee spend

  • Fully automated policy enforcement on all spend

Finance teams can instantly order and assign cards, set limits for transactions amounts, ATM's and geographical coverage, or block and freeze cards instantly. Customers only pay for activated cards that are in use.

Say goodbye to late credit card statements.

The combination of bunq cards with the Declaree app creates a simple, easy to use solution for employees. And it gives finance teams enhanced control over employee spend.

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